Product Details
Series RU009

Coaxial Duo Flow Swivel Union

Rotary Systems' inline dual-flow swivel union is designed for multipurpose use. This swivel union uses a hardened and ground shaft, impregnated Teflon seals, and dual ball bearings. The 009 series swivel union is able to withstand high pressures, moderate speeds, and high side loads.

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Max. Hydraulic Pressure3,000 PSI
Max. Air Pressure250 PSI
Max. Vacuum Pressure28" Hg
Max. Temperature225° F

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Speed vs. Pressure

coaxial duo flow rotary union ru009 speed vs. pressure chart tall


  • Material
    Choose based on application. Hastelloy and Super-Duplex Stainless available.

  • Threads
    All common thread types available.


Part #A ThreadB ThreadC LengthD Diameter
Part #10050-0902-000A Thread0.500 NPTB Thread0.125 NPTC Length3.363D Diameter1.625 Download Drawing
Part #10051-0902-000A Thread0.750 NPTB Thread0.250 NPTC Length3.807D Diameter1.950 Download Drawing
Part #10052-0902-000A Thread1.000 NPTB Thread0.375 NPTC Length4.732D Diameter2.450 Download Drawing
Part #10053-0902-000A Thread1.250 NPTB Thread0.500 NPTC Length5.560D Diameter3.500 Download Drawing
Part #10054-0902-000A Thread1.500 NPTB Thread0.750 NPTC Length6.562D Diameter3.950 Download Drawing
Part #10055-0902-000A Thread2.000 NPTB Thread1.000 NPTC Length8.250D Diameter4.450 Download Drawing

If you are interested in seeing drawings for multiple parts, please contact us. We can help you find products that meet your needs and can send you multiple prints.