rotary unions for snubbing jacks

Rotary Unions For Snubbing Jacks

Our knowledgeable and experienced team has developed field-proven, high-pressure single passage unions and multi-passage unions for oilfields and downholes. We also design solutions that integrate rotary unions with electrical slip rings.

top drive unions

Top Drive Unions

We develop rotary unions for drilling rigs and derricks. We also manufacture slip rings and rotary unions for safety valves, hose reels and marine propulsion. Our team works to develop versatile, tested solutions that address these parameters, mitigating risk and optimizing production in the process.

coil tubing rotary unions

Coil Tubing

Coil tubing rotary unions allow operators to tackle issues of fluctuation and depletion, head on. Rotary Unions give you more control of nitrogen kickoff and acidizing stimulation and can be used for wellbore cleaning as well.

cable reel rotary union

Subsea Operations

Our rotary unions & slip rings are built to withstand extreme temperature and pressure changes and are tested to the highest standards before delivery. Ask about our IP-rated slip ring capsule sets and add bearing protection to your custom rotary unions for underwater systems.

This is a snapshot of the custom orders we’ve manufactured in the past — the colors of the individual parts represented are not indicative of the final product but are used to show contrast.


Start Building Your Custom Rotary Union

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