State Of The Art Dirt Bike Testing

November 11, 2020  |  

With Custom Rotary Systems Slip Rings

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  • Latest project scope for Rotary Systems slip ring design
  • How slip rings are incorporated into dirt bike testing


November 13, 2020—At Rotary Systems, we’re often tasked with improving upon existing slip ring designs. In one of our more recent applications, we’ve facilitated a prototype yet to hit the market — a slip ring encoder made specifically for dirt bike testing.

How slip rings are used in dirt bike testing

A leading producer of measurement and testing equipment — not to be named — has requested Rotary Systems, Inc. to engineer and manufacture a slip ring that allows a dirt bike motor to measure temperature and calculate drivetrain efficiency. For this application, a small slip ring is needed to fit around the shaft of an axle. These “through-hole” slip rings are one of RSI’s specialties.

How does a slip ring encoder work?

To put it simply, the slip ring encoder receives power from the motor and in exchange, transmits data to our customer’s computers onsite. They will then be able to detect extreme changes in temperature and if the shocks are overloaded, they can remedy the situation as quickly as need be.

We enjoy working with other engineering teams to develop the best solutions. In this case, we’re working hard to develop a product that withstands extreme environments — like the rugged terrain of a motocross trail — and to ensure data is transferred as efficiently and safely as possible.

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