Product Details
SR015 Series

5 Amps to 500 VAC Capsule Slip Rings

The SR015 Capsule Slip Ring is a multi-purpose unit. Suitable for signal or low power applications this slip ring features multiple gold alloy wire brushes with compatible gold rings. The slip ring has a through bore for concentric shaft mounting or for the passage of fluid or gas lines. This slip ring unit features an anodized aluminum shaft and enclosure, up to 600 rpm, 22 AWG lead wires, and precision bearings.

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Electrical Specs

  • Slip ring available with 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36 rings standard.
  • Current: Up to 5 Amps per ring standard.
  • Voltage: Up to 500 VAC standard.
  • Insulation Resistance: >200MΩ at 500 VDC.
  • Hipot: 500 VAC for 15 seconds (all combinations).
  • Electrical Noise: Less than 100 mΩ peak at 5 rpm.


  • Different numbers of rings to those shown.
  • Changes of shaft mounting to customer requirements.
  • Optional stator and rotor flanges.
  • Higher current & voltage capacity per ring.
  • Internally modified to customer requirements.
  • Lead type & lengths to suit customer requirements.


Part #RingsA LengthB Length
Part #30050-1506-000Rings6A Length1.56 ±.02B Length1.35 ±.02 Download Drawing
Part #30050-1512-000Rings12A Length2.10 ±.02B Length1.89 ±.02 Download Drawing
Part #30050-1518-000Rings18A Length2.64 ±.02B Length2.43 ±.02 Download Drawing
Part #30050-1524-000Rings24A Length3.18 ±.02B Length2.97 ±.02 Download Drawing
Part #30050-1530-000Rings30A Length3.72 ±.02B Length3.51 ±.02 Download Drawing
Part #30050-1536-000Rings36A Length4.26 ±.02B Length4.05 ±.02 Download Drawing

If you are interested in seeing drawings for multiple parts, please contact us. We can help you find products that meet your needs and can send you multiple prints.