Product Details
Series RU023

8 Pass Flange Mount Rotating Unions

Rotary Systems’ multi-purpose 8-passage, flange mount rotary unions feature a recessed shaft, through bore to accommodate electrical slip rings, a hardened and ground shaft, deep groove radial contact ball bearings and carbon fiber impregnated Teflon Seals.

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Max. Hydraulic Pressure7,000 PSI
Max. Air Pressure250 PSI
Max. Vacuum Pressure28" Hg
Max. Temperature225° F

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Speed vs. Pressure

rotary union ru022 speed vs. pressure chart wide


  • Material
    Choose based on application. Hastelloy and Super-Duplex Stainless available.

  • rotary union bearing covers modification

    Bearing Covers
    Additional bearing protection for harsh environments.

  • Shaft Extension rotary union modification

    Shaft Extension
    Couples rotary union to drive or driven machinery. 1/8" keyway.

  • Slip Rings
    Pass power, signal, and data with 24" long leads up to 10 amps per circuit.

  • Threads
    All common thread types available.


Part #A ThreadB LengthC Diameter
Part #10050-2308-000A Thread0.125 nptB Length6.305C Diameter2.700 Download Drawing
Part #10051-2308-000A Thread0.250 nptB Length7.680C Diameter2.950 Download Drawing
Part #10052-2308-000A Thread0.375 nptB Length9.225C Diameter3.950 Download Drawing
Part #10053-2308-000A Thread0.500 nptB Length11.869C Diameter5.450 Download Drawing
Part #10054-2308-000A Thread0.750 nptB Length13.582C Diameter5.950 Download Drawing

If you are interested in seeing drawings for multiple parts, please contact us. We can help you find products that meet your needs and can send you multiple prints.