Series RU027

12 Pass Flange Mount Rotary Unions

  • Rotary Systems’ multi-purpose 12-passage rotary unions feature threaded shaft connections, a recessed hardened and ground shaft, a through bore to accommodate electrical slip rings, deep groove radial contact ball bearings and carbon fiber impregnated Teflon Seals.

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  • Specifications

    Max. Hydraulic Pressure 7,000 PSI
    Max. Air Pressure 250 PSI
    Max. Vacuum Pressure 28" Hg
    Max. Temperature 300° F
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  • Speed vs. Pressure

  • Options

    • Material

      Choose based on application. Hastelloy and Super-Duplex Stainless available.

    • Bearing Covers

      Bearing Covers
      Additional bearing protection for harsh environments.

    • Shaft Extension

      Shaft Extension
      Couples rotary union to drive or driven machinery. 1/8" keyway.

    • Slip Rings

      Slip Rings
      Pass power, signal, and data with 24" long leads up to 10 amps per circuit.

    • Threads

      All common thread types available.

12 Pass Flange Mount Rotary Unions
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Part # A Thread B Length C Diameter
Part # 10050-2712-000 A Thread 0.125 NPT B Length 8.126 C Diameter 2.700 Download Drawing
Part # 10051-2712-000 A Thread 0.250 NPT B Length 10.771 C Diameter 3.450 Download Drawing
Part # 10052-2712-000 A Thread 0.375 NPT B Length 14.215 C Diameter 4.950 Request Drawing
Part # 10053-2712-000 A Thread 0.500 NPT B Length 15.954 C Diameter 5.450 Download Drawing