Rotary Systems Provides Rotary Unions for Next-Gen Navy Cannon

rotary unions for navy cannon
April 27, 2015  |  

Rotary unions are integral to ensuring your equipment pivots, wherever necessary. Evidently, when a large Fortune 500 Defense company was looking to liquid cool a 30-foot gun barrel, they came to Rotary Systems for their rotary unions. Why? They needed a custom-built part that is precise and durable, especially during offshore operations.

Doing what we do best, Rotary Systems started by designing a large two passage rotary union. This helped provide fluid to cool the gun barrel during operation. Each gun system is capable of firing up to 10 rounds per minute. These rounds are over 6.0 inches in diameter and 11 feet in length. To provide the high-volume sustainable fires during peak operation, the gun barrel requires consistent cooling. This is where the rotary union comes into play.

The rotary union was specifically designed for this purpose. We built the part utilizing the proper passage size to provide enough fluid flow to cool the barrel in the limited space provided in the gun assembly.

Rotary Systems is currently working with a number of Defense Companies on several active projects for the Air Force, Navy and Army.

Applications for Rotary Systems rotary unions are wide and varied. If you have a special project, please contact an applications engineer at, or call 800-959-0146 for more information