Rotary Systems Provides Rotary Union Slip Ring Assemblies for Large Coil Tubing OEM

Large Coil Tubing Rotary Union Slip Ring Combo
April 1, 2016  |  
Rotary Union Slip Ring Combo

Rotary Systems adds to their growing list of clients in the upstream oil industry.

This month, we worked with a large original equipment manufacturer in Asia to meet a challenging situation head-on. They needed a hydraulic rotary union slip ring combo, so they reached out to us to build it. First, we spec’ed it out, then we designed it, built it, and also delivered it to them in record time.

The project began with a custom design for a coil tubing reel. In case you were wondering, coil tubing is a continuous spool of pipe on a reel that gets pushed into a well bore. With a custom rotary union slip ring combo, this allows for a number of well intervention operations to be performed on a live well. Next, achieve cleanout and perforate the wellbore. Now, they can retrieve and replace damaged equipment more efficiently.

Overall, this design features a sixteen passage rotary union rated up to 7000 psi. In the future, they can transfer hydraulics safely, and reliably for years to come. We also included anti-rotational tabs on the housing for stability and longevity. In addition, we built them an integrated slip ring, which has twelve circuits, with each circuit rated at three amps.

Meanwhile, this unique design was machined utilizing the latest CNC machining center. We use a five axis high efficiency integrated mill turn process to get these types of jobs done. As a result, these machines drastically reduce the cycle times on machining. In the end, this offers a more competitive price in a very competitive market.

About Rotary Systems

Rotary Systems works with a number of oil and gas companies on several active projects for coil tubing, top drive, high pressure hose reel, and drilling applications. That is to say, we work with with rotary union – slip ring combinations like this, daily. Our engineers have a combined 80 years of experience in milling, engineering, design, and testing. That’s why customers choose us to meet their complex needs. See what Rotary Systems can do for you. Contact an applications engineer at or call 800.959.0146 today.