Rotary Systems Enters the Fast Lane

tire pressure rotary union
April 27, 2015  |  

Rotary Systems got involved at the highest level of motorsports when we built a high speed tire pressure rotary union. An engineer from a top team needed a small rotary union capable of running at up to 4000 RPM. This was for an on-board tire inflation system to control tire pressure in real-time on the race car.


This union needs to be compact and light. It needs to be free-spinning and able to handle temperatures up to 300 F. Additionally, it must also be able to withstand pressure up to 50 psi. With this in mind, the engineers at Rotary Systems designed a custom mechanical seal rotary air union which fit into the hub of their wheel assembly. As a result, the tire pressure rotary union works beyond expectations. Now, the customer is able to maximize their test time and get the most out of their race tires. And at minimum cost!

Applications for Rotary Systems rotary unions are wide and varied. If you have a special project, contact an applications engineer at, or call 800-959-0146 for more information.