Regulating Tire Pressure on the Go

on the road truck with blown-out tire
January 18, 2021  |  

Keeping Fleets Safe on the Road

In this article:

  • The important role rotary unions play in regulating tire pressure
  • How rotary unions work to keep truck trailers safe on the road

January 22, 2021—Rotary Systems customers need their rigs running at optimal levels at all times to avoid costly downtime. If your tires fail, you’re on-time delivery goes out the window.

The important role of rotary unions in regulating tire pressure

Ensuring a truck trailer maintains the proper tire pressure can be complicated and time consuming. For this particular custom use, the Rotary Systems rotary unions work in conjunction with a compressor attached to the trailer. The rotary union itself is attached to the tire pressure valve. Once the compressor is set to a prescribed pressure the union helps regulate the air within the tire. If the pressure goes below the set level the air will feed from the compressor to raise it to the correct level. If the tire is overinflated there is a blow-off valve attached to the compressor that will deflate the tire to the correct pressure. This allows truck trailers to self-regulate instead of drivers or mechanics having to take the time to do it.

One thing that sets this custom rotary union apart is its longevity. This rotary union was tested for millions of miles.

Animated GIF showing the housing spinning while the shaft remains stationary.

How rotary unions work to keep truck trailers safe on the road

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, tire issues are the most commonly occurring roadside assistance issue, accounting for 48% of all issues. Not only can these issues be costly — the average out of pocket cost of a tire related roadside issue is $900, but they’re also dangerous —under inflation causes weakened tires, a decrease in fuel economy and can cause tires to shred.

Underinflated tires are also susceptible to fines.

Over inflated tires can cause irregular wear patterns that decrease the life of the tires. Costly repairs, accidents and production downtime can be avoided when the right product is used, namely, a custom rotary union.

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