Packaging Slip Ring Provides Solution For Pallet Machine

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September 5, 2016  |  

After a major packaging manufacturer was experiencing electrical shortage problems with their case packaging machines, they opted to enlist Rotary Systems to help them find a solution.

These semi-automatic stretch wrapping systems help companies increase efficiency by eliminating the need for workers to manually wrap their product. Instead, the operator simply places the load, starts the cycle, and can then continue working on other tasks.

When these packaging machines began experiencing electrical shortage problems, Rotary Systems stepped in and began designing a custom slip ring to replace the competitor product that was not up to the task. The custom-designed 18 circuit slip ring featured gold-on-gold contacts for greater signal clarity and included multiple brush contacts on each ring to ensure electrical continuity. The heavy-duty aluminum shell made for a more robust assembly than the molded plastic unit it replaced.

Rotary Systems is currently working with a number of packaging companies on several active projects for both rotary union and electrical slip ring applications. Should your application require passing electrical along with pneumatic and/or hydraulic lines, we can also provide combination units that will provide a complete media transfer solution.

Solving problems like this is at the core of Rotary Systems’ operations. Our engineers have a combined 80 years of experience designing custom rotary unions and slip rings for any industry. Learn how Rotary Systems can turn your most challenging design specifications into an affordable custom solution.

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