Problems Solved for a Major Automation Manufacturer

rotary union slip ring combo
October 31, 2016  |  

A large international chemical company was having problems turning their design ideas for a new manufacturing system into a functional reality. They required a single passage rotary union for a vacuum application and needed to combine it with an electrical slip ring which would supply power to heaters within their system. Adding to the complexity of this application was the need to drive the manufacturing process through the union. It looked as if the solution would require dealing with multiple suppliers as well as the additional time, labor, and costs necessary to integrate multiple components from different suppliers. Hoping to find a fully integrated solution, they brought the problem to Rotary Systems.

Working closely with the customer’s engineers, the Rotary Systems’ Engineering Team analyzed the vacuum, electrical power, and load application requirements and went to work. They created a combination rotary union and slip ring assembly that included a support flange on the housing along with precision radial ball bearings to support the load. This custom design also provided an internal keyway to allow the customer to run a drive shaft through the union. Rotary Systems successfully delivered a single, fully integrated, easy-to-install assembly to meet all of our customer’s requirements.

Solving problems like this is routine for the engineers at Rotary Systems. With over 80 years of combined experience in rotary union and slip ring design, Rotary Systems’ Engineering Team has the skills necessary to deliver effective and innovative custom designs. To find out more about our custom solutions to rotary union and slip ring problems, send me an email or give me call.

Cam Heaney
Sales Engineer

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