Making Deep Sea Drilling Possible

November 24, 2020  |  

With Custom Rotary Unions by Rotary Systems, Inc.

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  • Latest project scope for Rotary Systems’ rotary union design
  • How rotary unions are an integral part of deep sea drilling

November 27, 2020—For the most intense conditions, design engineers trust Rotary Systems’ products to function at the highest level. Specifically in the marine manufacturing sector, where deep sea drilling engineers are needing rotary union solutions.

Rotary unions used in deep sea drilling

In the past, operations at great depths were dangerous. Now however, Rotary Systems employs the latest technology to drill at depths never believed possible. Rotary Systems enables its customers to not only safely and successfully complete the task at hand, but also provide jobs and keep continuous resources available.

Deep sea drilling is no easy task, but Rotary Systems’ rotary unions can help get the job done. Inherent working conditions require a product that can handle high pressure — a demand few rotary union manufacturers can meet in any environment. Another Rotary Systems differentiator is the ability to combine rotary union and slip ring applications into one complete unit — implementing the transmission of data and electricity between rotating components. For recent projects, these rotary unions have been used in combination with fiber optic rotary joints inside of our customer’s hose reels. These advanced rotary unions enable the feeding of hydraulic fluid and data to a device at the end of an umbilical, enabling sensors to receive feedback.

How rotary unions are an integral part of subsea drilling

When drilling hundreds of meters below the surface of the ocean, one needs to make sure all systems and equipment can handle these extreme conditions and remain efficient. In the end, Rotary Systems strives to ensure all products will withstand the life of your project through proven designs and advanced R&D.

That is why you can trust Rotary Systems to handle any project you come up with.

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