5 Reasons Mathews Archery & Rotary Systems Are a Great Fit

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October 1, 2020  |  

Wisconsin Bow Hunting Manufacturer Partners with Minnesota Manufacturer On Eve of Archery Opener


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October 2, 2020—Rotary Systems is proud to partner with Mathews Archery, Inc., premier archery manufacturer in our neighboring state of Wisconsin.

“It’s exciting work for a company that provides solutions to companies that fuel my passion. This will be my 5th season hunting with a Mathews bow.”
— Justin Okeson, General Manager of Rotary Systems, Inc.

Most of the staff here at Rotary Systems are avid outdoorsmen and women. Rotary Systems is proud to partner with Mathews Archery, Inc., an industry leading archery manufacturer in our neighboring state of Wisconsin.

Brock Nyren, Rotary Systems mill machinist, said he’s very excited to start hunting this year.

“I go every year. It’s a tradition with me and my dad. Since I don’t see him a lot these days, I always look forward to that.” Brock and his dad go duck hunting in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, right in the neighborhood of Mathews headquarters.

Mathews Archery

Companies like Mathews are constantly evolving to meet consumer demands. Being in the archery industry, adopting, innovating and creating new technologies is key. Hunting season starts in late September, so now is the perfect time to work towards the 2021 product release.

“Rotary Systems products allow us to run both air and hydraulic at the same time, which allows quicker and more effective change over times.”
— Scott Jenkins, Machine Shop Manager at Mathews Archery, Inc.


ru012 sseries rotary union for cnc machines

Animated GIF of RU012 series rotating on X-axis.



Here Are the Top 5 Reasons Why Mathews Chose Rotary Systems To Solve Their Issue

  1. “Rotary Systems lead time was the fastest of all the vendors we vetted.”
  2. “Their engineers knew exactly what we needed, and got us a great price, too.”
  3. “We trust them to constantly deliver.”
  4. “Our partner over at ArmaLite recommended them.”
  5. “They’re right next door! We have a kinship with our fellow Midwesterners.”

What Is A Rotary Union And What Does It Do?

A rotary union is used to continuously transmit fluid from a stationary source to a rotating destination, or vice versa. They are available in a wide variety of configurations, connection types and materials to fit most applications.

Learn more about rotary unions, in general, in our FAQ section.

rotary union ru012 with callouts

RU012 series rotary union with callouts