April 27, 2015 News Release

Designed to provide pinpoint access to any part of the body, radiotherapy machines are revolutionary in the fight against cancer. As with any equipment of this kind, mechanical failures will force them out of operation. Failures such as this are not just an operations and productions problem – patients rely on these machines to work properly in order to receive their scheduled treatments to fight the disease.

A major medical company was having problems with their equipment, and after careful examination it was revealed that these machines has multiple rotary swivels that were leaking, causing the machines to go out of service. Rotary Systems stepped in and was able to design and manufacture two custom rotary swivels to remedy the situation, a single passage in-line swivel and a single passage 90 degree swivel. Utilizing stainless steel for the rotary swivels with Teflon-on-ceramic seals and radial ball bearings, Rotary Systems managed to design a leak-proof line of rotary swivels that could withstand the vigorous parameters that these radiotherapy machines demand.

Rotary Systems manufactured and shipped thousands of rotary swivels for field replacement kits to replace the competitor rotary swivels currently in the field on existing machines and this success has led to more machines and rotary swivels being produced every day. With these improved machines clinicians can now perform radio-surgery procedures with ease and patients can receive their lifesaving treatments on time.

Rotary Systems is currently working with a number of major medical companies on several active projects for both swivel union and electrical slip ring applications.

Solving problems like this is the core of Rotary Systems’ operations. Our engineers have a combined 80 years of experience designing custom rotary unions for any industry. See what Rotary Systems custom design experience and technology can do for you. Contact an applications engineer at info@rotarysystems.com or call 800.959.0146 to learn how Rotary Systems can turn your most challenging design specifications into an affordable custom solution.

Rotary Systems, Inc., located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a leading design and manufacturer of custom and standard rotary unions and electrical slip rings components that are used in various industries around the world. Founded as a privately held company in 1992, the organization has grown into one of Minnesota’s leading technology companies and has enjoyed over 20 straight years of business growth and profitability with more than 1,000 customers located in over 25 countries. Rotary System’s vision is to be the premier global leader in the design, development and manufacturer of both rotary unions and electrical slip ring products for industries in all markets around the world.