April 1, 2016 Uncategorized

A major biofuel technology company recently came to Rotary Systems in need of a six passage hydraulic rotary union for their bio-methanator. While submerged in organic matter and manure, the bio-methanator mixes these materials together and will pass them through the world’s largest anaerobic digester facility. Hot water is then added to the mixture to produce methane, providing the newly constructed facility with 89% of the fuel required to heat the structure while using the solid waste material as fertilizer. When finished the plant will be capable of producing up to 100 million BTUs of renewable energy per hour daily, and serve exclusively to heat the plant year round.

Designing a six-passage rotary union composed of 316 stainless steel to be submerged inside a pit of various waste was no easy task. However, Rotary Systems engineers worked with the biofuel technology engineers and were able to design a rotary union capable of withstanding the constant turning and pumping of the matter.

This is the kind of problem Rotary Systems enjoys solving – custom rotary unions that help improve a customer’s efficiency (and help the environment at the same time). See what Rotary Systems’ custom design experience and technology can do for you. Contact an applications engineer at info@rotarysystems.com or call 800.959.0146 to learn how Rotary Systems can turn your most challenging design specifications into an affordable custom solution.

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