SR001 Series

3 Amps to 150 VDC Separates

  • SR001 type separate slip ring & brush block sets were designed primarily for low voltage, signal carrying applications making them ideal for use in test rigs or production equipment.

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  • Electrical Specs

    • Slip ring available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 rings standard
    • Current: Signal level to 3 Amps per ring standard
    • Voltage: up to 150 VDC standard
    • Insulation Resistance: >200MΩ at 500 VDC
    • Hipot: 500 VAC for 15 seconds (all combinations)
    • Electrical Noise: Less than 10 mΩ peak at 5 rpm
  • Modifications

    • Different numbers of rings to those shown
    • Slip ring can be bored/sleeved to suit shaft diameter
    • Increased barrier heights for applications to 240 VAC
    • Termination type & length to customers requirements
    • Silver connections to minimize thermal errors
    • Alternative contact materials for specific applications
3 Amps to 150 VDC Separates
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Part #RingsA LengthB Length
Part #31051-0104-000Rings4A Length0.88 ±.02B Length0.75 ±.02Download Drawing
Part #31051-0106-000Rings6A Length1.14 ±.02B Length1.03 ±.02Download Drawing
Part #31051-0108-000Rings8A Length1.40 ±.02B Length1.30 ±.02Download Drawing
Part #31051-0112-000Rings12A Length1.92 ±.02B Length1.85 ±.02Download Drawing