SR013 Series

10 Amps to 600 VAC Capsule

  • The SR013 Capsule Slip Ring is a multi-purpose unit. Suitable for signal or low power applications this slip ring features multiple gold alloy wire brushes with compatible gold rings. This slip ring has a through bore for concentric shaft mounting or for the passage of fluid or gas lines.

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  • Electrical Specs

    • Slip ring available with 6, 12, 18 or 24 rings standard.
    • Current: 10 Amps per ring standard.
    • Voltage: up to 600 VAC standard.
    • Insulation Resistance: >200MΩ at 1000 VDC.
    • Hipot: 1000 VAC for 15 seconds (all combinations).
    • Electrical Noise: Less than 100 mΩ peak at 5 RPM.
  • Modifications

    • Different numbers of rings to those shown.
    • Changes of shaft mounting to customer requirements.
    • 5 inch O/D flange with 4 mounting holes on housing.
    • Higher current & voltage capacity per ring.
    • Internally modified to customer requirements.
    • Lead type & lengths to suit customer requirements.
10 Amps to 600 VAC Capsule
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Part #RingsA Length
Part #30050-1306-000Rings6A Length2.14 ±.03Download Drawing
Part #30050-1312-000Rings12A Length3.07 ±.03Download Drawing
Part #30050-1318-000Rings18A Length4.01 ±.03Download Drawing
Part #30050-1324-000Rings24A Length4.94 ±.03Download Drawing