Series C008

High Speed Air/Hydraulic Union Combined with 10 Amp Slip Ring

  • Rotary Systems’ 008 Series rotary unions feature mechanical face seal technology for low torque, high speed and moderate pressure applications for air or hydraulic applications. It is combined with a multi-purpose slip ring, suitable for signal or low power applications. This slip ring features multiple gold alloy wire brushes with compatible gold rings and an IP 54 enclosure rating.

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  • Speed vs Pressure

  • Specifications

    • Full Flow Design
    • Carbon Graphite/Seal
    • Precision Ball Bearings
    • Slip ring available with 6 or 24 rings standard
    • Current: 10 Amps per ring standard
    • Voltage: up to 600 VAC standard
High Speed Air/Hydraulic Union Combined with 10 Amp Slip Ring
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Part #A ThreadPortsRingsB LengthC DiameterD Diameter
Part #25080-1406-000A Thread0.125 NPTPorts1Rings6B Length6.17C Diameter1.13D Diameter3.07Download Drawing
Part #25080-1424-000A Thread0.125 NPTPorts1Rings24B Length8.98C Diameter1.13D Diameter3.07Download Drawing
Part #25081-1406-000A Thread0.250 NPTPorts1Rings6B Length6.68C Diameter1.63D Diameter3.07Download Drawing
Part #25081-1424-000A Thread0.250 NPTPorts1Rings24B Length9.48C Diameter1.63D Diameter3.07Download Drawing
Part #25082-1406-000A Thread0.375 NPTPorts1Rings6B Length7.41C Diameter1.72D Diameter3.07Download Drawing
Part #25082-1424-000A Thread0.375 NPTPorts1Rings24B Length10.22C Diameter1.72D Diameter3.07Download Drawing
Part #25083-1406-000A Thread0.500 NPTPorts1Rings6B Length7.95C Diameter2.25D Diameter3.07Download Drawing
Part #25083-1424-000A Thread0.500 NPTPorts1Rings24B Length10.76C Diameter2.25D Diameter3.07Download Drawing