Series RU010

Coil Processing Rotary Unions

  • Rotary Systems’ dual port air / hydraulic rotary unions are designed for applications such as expanding mandrel drums on coil processing equipment. This rotary union uses a hardened and ground shaft, impregnated Teflon Seals, and ball bearings and is able to withstand high pressures at low speeds.

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  • Specifications

    Max. Hydraulic Pressure7,000 PSI
    Max. Air Pressure250 PSI
    Max. Vacuum Pressure28" Hg
    Max. Temperature300° F
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  • Speed vs. Pressure

  • Options

    • Material

      Choose based on application. Hastelloy and Super-Duplex Stainless available.

    • Threads

      All common thread types available.

Coil Processing Rotary Unions
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Part #A ThreadB ThreadC LengthD Diameter
Part #10051-1002-009A Thread0.750 NPTB Thread0.250 NPTC Length5.114D Diameter2.450Download Drawing
Part #10051-1002-011A Thread1.000 NPTB Thread0.250 NPTC Length5.375D Diameter2.450Download Drawing
Part #10051-1002-036A Thread1.000-14 UNSB Thread0.250 NPTC Length4.296D Diameter2.450Download Drawing
Part #10051-1002-074A Thread0.750-14 BSPPB Thread0.250 NPTC Length4.926D Diameter2.450Download Drawing
Part #10051-1002-076A Thread1.000-11 BSPPB Thread0.250 NPTC Length4.926D Diameter2.450Download Drawing
Part #10053-1002-013A Thread1.250 NPTB Thread0.500 NPTC Length6.334D Diameter2.950Download Drawing
Part #10053-1002-040A Thread1.500-14 UNSB Thread0.500 NPTC Length6.208D Diameter2.950Download Drawing
Part #10054-1002-015A Thread1.500 NPTB Thread0.750 NPTC Length6.827D Diameter3.700Download Drawing